Unit Sizes

Convenient sizes are available and you can easily transfer between sizes when situations change. Our in-house storage professionals will assist you in determining the appropriate size unit to fit your particular need and budget.

Availability of sizes varies from day to day, so please contact us for up to the minute availability.

If you’re planning in advance let us know and we will work with you to insure you have a unit available exactly when you need it, though advance reservations may be limited based on availability of a given size.

Unit Size
Estimated Capacity
What Would Fit…
5×6 (30 SQ FT or 240 Cubic FT) Small Closet Small Closet Personal items, clothes, boxes, golf clubs, toys, books, twin mattress, bicycles, record/file storage.  Store seasonal items like holiday decorations and hiding the Christmas presents from prying eyes.  Commercial accounts utilize these sizes for minor document and package delivery storage/services.
5×10 50 SQ FT or 400 Cubic FT) Walk in Closet Walk in Closet Furnishings from a studio apartment, such as box spring/mattress, sofa, dining room set, dresser, washer/dryer, business records, etc.
5×15 (75 SQ FT or 600 Cubic FT) Large Bedroom Large Bedroom Furnishings from a one-bedroom apartment, such as desk, patio furniture, major appliances, box spring/mattress, business records, etc.
10×10 (100 SQ FT or 800 Cubic FT) Small One Bedroom Apartment  Small One Bedroom Apartment Furniture, sofas, chairs, dressers, box spring/mattress, appliances, business records, etc.
10×15 (150 SQ FT or 1200 Cubic FT) Two Bedroom Apartment  Two Bedroom Apartment Furnishings from a two bedroom apartment or small home. Other small furniture items, boxes.
10×20 (200 SQ FT or 1600 Cubic FT) Small Home  Small Home Furnishings from a small to medium size home, one car garage.  Commercial customers can store a office furniture, etc
15×15 (225 SQ FT or 1800 Cubic FT) Large three bedroom home  Large three bedroom home A three bedroom home with major appliances and room for boxes. Excellent for business storage of files, equipment and inventory.
10×25 (250 SQ FT or 2000 Cubic FT) Three to four Bedroom Home  Three to four Bedroom Home A four to five bedroom home with major appliances, plus lots of boxes.  Excellent for business storage of files, equipment and inventory.  Also ideal for storage racks.


Visualize your storage requirements based on your moving method.  Numbers listed below are approximate and correlate to unit sizes specific to our location for a given moving vehicle’s capacity. 

If your Truck is ….
Cubic Square Feet
(U-Haul Spec’s)
You most likely need:
26’ 1611 10×25
24’ 1418 10×20
20’ 1015 10×15
17’ 865 10×15
14’ 733 10×10
10’ 402 5×15
Cargo Van 236 5×6
If Your Trailer is .…
Cubic Square Feet
(U-Haul Spec’s)
You most likely need:
4×8 Cargo Trailer 142 5×6
5×8 Cargo Trailer 210 5×6
5×10 Cargo Trailer 230 5×6
6×12 Cargo Trailer 396 5×10
If Using Portable Storage Units ….
Cubic Feet Spec’s
You most likely need:
U-Box 300 5×10
PODS 8’ 392 5×10
PODS 12’ 768 10×10
PODS 16’ 1024 10×15