Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Boxes

Why should I choose HBO Storage?

HBO Storage offers the unbeatable combination of economy, convenience, and excellent customer service. Our indoor and enclosed facility offers the comfort of no weather exposure and security for your goods.


What is “climate controlled” and does it matter?

Climate Control is the process of controlling the internal temperature of the storage facility. The primary benefit of climate controlled self-storage is you don’t have to worry about extreme hot or cold temperatures damaging your items while being stored.


What are your unit sizes? 

Unit sizes range from approximately 12 Sq. Ft. to 300 SQFT.  Ask our Storage Professionals what type of unit best suits your needs


Do you offer outside RV/boat/car parking?
We will be offering outside parking for RVs, boats and cars in the very near future.  Check with the staff to be notified when this service becomes available.


What items can I NOT store?  (in a Storage Unit)

Anything that would endanger fire fighters attempting to suppress a fire.  Such as flammables, explosives, corrosives, or poisons.  Additionally, perishables or any illegal items cannot be stored here.


Will my belongings be safe at HBO Storage?

Our systems allow us to monitor all activity on site.  As an enclosed facility with controlled access, only tenants are allowed on the premise.  Our facility has a keypad controlled access system which can only be opened by a security code that is assigned to each individual tenant. The code allows us to monitor who is entering and exiting the facility.


Does your facility accommodate large moving trucks and tractor-trailers?

Certain areas of the facility are more accessible than others. Please consult with the Manager if you expect to have a tractor-trailer deliver or pickup your belongings.


Do I need insurance?

That decision is up to you.   You should contact your homeowner’s or renters insurance agent.  The lease agreement states that you are self-insuring your belongings.  So unless you carry insurance of your own, your belongings are not covered by us, regardless of the circumstances.


How much is the deposit to move in?

There is no deposit to move in. The only cost, besides rent, is a onetime $10 administrative fee.


How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Units are usually first come first served.  However, if we have sufficient number of units available in the size you need, we may be able to reserve you a unit.  Please contact our Customer Service Representative for additional details.


Do I have to sign a lease?

Yes, however, the lease is month to month for as long as you need the space


What do I need to rent a self-storage unit?

You need to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid identification source; a driver’s license, passport, military ID or student ID.


When will my rent be due?

Rent is always due on the day of the month in which you rented the unit.  Late penalties are assessed per the Florida Self-Storage Statues and lien laws.  You may alternately request a date more convenient for your budget cycle, though some prorating will be necessary to facilitate the requested due date.


What if my rent is not paid on time?

You will lose access to the unit, late fees will begin to accrue and eventually you may lose everything you have stored.  To avoid losing your belongings, be sure to pay your rent on or before its due date to avoid these complications.  Additionally, keep your contact information current at all times so that you can be informed that there is a problem with your account.


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.  The authorized cardholder will have must be present to process the payment.


Do you offer automated billing?

Yes we do.  Please see a Customer Service Representative for assistance in setting up your account for automated billing.


Do you have carts, or hand trucks for our use?

We have carts, hand trucks and appliance dollies.


Do you have moving trucks for our use?

Yes.  We offer U-Haul trucks and trailers of various sizes to suit your needs.  Check with a Customer Service Representative for rates and availability.  You may also reserve a truck or trailer in advance by calling us at 1-850-763-7400 and one of our staff will be happy to reserve for you.


How much stuff can I put into one of your units?

It depends on the size of the unit, the method of packing used and the need to be able to access just some or all of your belongings.  Packing everything into boxes and storage bins with the heaviest items on the bottom will allow for maximum use of space within the unit. However, visit our location and meet with one of our Self-Storage Professionals to determine the most efficient size and packing methods for your individual requirements. Don’t worry if you reserve a smaller or larger storage space than you initially needed; we will be happy to transfer you to a unit size that better fits your needs.

Can anyone access the self-storage facility?

State of the art security systems are in place at our facility. The buildings are camera monitored and each tenant receives an individual code to access the facility during access hours.


Do you provide locks?
Yes, you can purchase a new lock at the office. Only you will have a key for your lock and unit. You may also bring your own lock.

Do you sell storage and moving supplies such as boxes and tape?
Yes, we offer a full line of moving supplies. We have small, medium, and large boxes, paper to wrap your valuables, bubble wrap, and tape. We also offer mattress covers, sofa and chair covers and additional items to help you make a smooth transition into your storage unit.  Please contact us for more specific details on range of products we offer.